Fall Wedding Dress.

Fall Wedding Gowns: Elegant and Classy Choices for the Autumn Bride!

Autumn Wedding Dresses and Gowns

Fall Wedding Gown.The most important criterion for selecting a gown is your personal style. If you fall in love with a gown covered with beadwork and fancy detailing, that’s probably the gown for you. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who feels that less is more, go with your instincts. You want your guests to marvel at how incredibly beautiful you look, not think "Who IS that anyway, and where is the person we know?"

The fabric you select or whether you choose long or short sleeves, a chapel or cathedral train, etc. will be incidental to the overall design of the gown. There are so many styles available right now, from the very simple A-line tank-style bodice with little or no beadwork, to the full ball gown with illusion sleeves and windowed train, that you should be able to choose one that suits you perfectly. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your perfect gown:

Will your wedding be formal or semi-formal; contemporary or traditional?

It's your wedding and you get to choose the style and all the features it will have. Although it's generally acceptable anymore to wear a formal gown even for a semi-formal ceremony in a less than traditional site, it's harder to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and wear a semi-formal gown in a formal setting. Your wedding date will also be an important factor in choosing a gown, not only because gown styles and fabrics need to be appropriate to the season, but because it will determine how much time you have to select a gown and get fitted.

Time of day the wedding will be held.

An evening church wedding is usually considered the most formal, so you can choose a gown as fancy and sparkly as you wish with a full royal or cathedral length train. A morning or afternoon garden wedding falls at the opposite end of the formality spectrum. For that setting a tea-length gown or a full-length gown with no train would be more appropriate. Remember though, it's your wedding and if you want to wear a formal gown for your garden wedding, go right ahead--some very beautiful photographs have been taken of formal gowns in garden settings!


The Autumn wedding dresses, seen here are available at SHOP.COM
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White or off-white?

There are so many shades of both white and off-white these days, it can be confusing. True ivory, which is a fairly yellow version of off-white, is rarely seen these days. It has been replaced by candlelight or champagne, which are both closer to white than to ivory. These colors can be worn by brides with most skin tones, except olive skin. Brides who are pale or fair-skinned may actually find they look better in the candlelight tones, since white has a tendency to wash them out. Silks are nearly always a candlelight color, as it is the natural color of the fiber, and is not often bleached.

There are many shades of white as well, primarily depending on the type of fabric and its reflective qualities. Satin, which has a glossy, shiny finish will appear whiter than a taffeta or matte satin, which are not as shiny and reflect less light.

When should I buy my gown?

Autumn Wedding Dress.It's generally a good idea to begin looking for a dress at least 6 months ahead of time. However, many brides simply don't have that much time to plan. At Here We Go Again, we've sold gowns to brides anywhere from 1 day to 24 months ahead of their wedding dates. We promise not to roll our eyes if you say you're getting married in 3 weeks and still don't have a gown. Because we sell almost all our gowns "off the rack," we're here to help brides with short timelines as well as those who have the luxury of time.

After you've chosen a gown, decide how you will wear your hair and choose your headpiece. You may wish to work with your hair stylist to experiment a bit.

Wedding Gown Budget

Bridal gowns can range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Therefore, it is important to remember your budget and purchase a gown that is within your price range. Your gown allowance should be about 5 to 6 percent of your total wedding. But don't spend all your allotted money on the gown itself. Make sure to save money for alterations and accessories including the headpiece/veil, jewelry, stockings and shoes.

Emergency Bridal Gown Care The Day of the Wedding

Would you believe--true story--the cat may decide your gown is the only place for her kittens? More likely, on your wedding day someone’s kiss or a greasy car door or even a glass of red wine will soil your gown. There is a kit on the market containing chemicals and sewing supplies for emergency gown care,
but in a pinch baking soda, talcum powder, or even the “white-out” used in offices will do. You can also dab spills with clear water or club soda,
which actually does contain an enzyme that makes it slightly more effective than plain water. Caution: even clear water can leave a permanent stain on
such water sensitive fabrics as English satin, matte silk satin, or silk organza.

The Autumn wedding dresses, seen here are available at SHOP.COM
Do a site search for 'wedding dress'.
They offer dresses to fit in all budgets!

Preserving your wedding dress

You may want to preserve your dress as a keepsake or for your own daughter to wear someday. There may be invisible stains from food, beverages and perspiration that can turn into permanent yellow stains if the gown is not properly cleaned before storage.

Point out any stains or spills to your dry-cleaner. In addition to removing stains, dry-cleaners should treat the dress with chemicals that slow down deterioration, press it and place it in acid-free packaging.

Finally, do not store your gown in a basement or attic. It should be placed in a cool, dry place to keep it from yellowing and mildew free.

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