Fall Wedding Favor Ideas.

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas: Fresh Favors For Autumn Weddings

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

There is something special about a fall wedding. The air is crisp and fresh in the fall. It's a great time to use the natural beauty of the out doors as a part of your wedding. Imagine the satisfied householder, tucking away the last of her currant jams. Picture the side of bacon curing in the cellar over barrels of mead. Anything homemade and bottled or canned connects you to her and to the very heart of autumn.

Fall Wedding Favors.Start your "Fall Wedding Favor" brainstorming with a favorite salsa recipe. Or one for jam or jelly, or chutney. Remember that this oldest of urges can be given a fresh face: think pomegranate jelly, or pineapple-ginger jam.
Fall Wedding Favors on Sale Now

Your list of favor ideas might start like this:
Your sister's incomparable salsa recipe.
Maple syrup: small, individual bottles, or leaf-shaped candies that melt almost before they hit your tongue.
Jams & Jellies: think outside the box. White apricot jelly. Cranberry-banana jam. Tomato-chili jam.
Honey: don't stop with small honey jars, though guests are sure to appreciate them. Look into "honey spoons," which glow like little jewels. Or honey straws in memorable flavors like 'Orange Blossom' or 'Hawaiian Christmas Berry.' Bundle these with a cinnamon stick and tie off with raffia.
Think about throwing in a honey dipper as a permanent grace note in your guests' kitchen drawers. Oh, and don't forget the flavored honey creams. Mmmm.

Fall Wedding Favors
    Popular decor options for Autumn Weddings are fall leaves and pumpkins! (Consider having a pumpkin carving station to keep any children (and childish adults!) busy for hours.) And, what better way to thank your guests for attending your fall celebration than with these Maple Leaf coaster sets that your guests can use for years to come. These coasters will bring fond memories of the fall season with the Maple Leaf design printed on the set of 4 cork coasters. Each cork coaster set includes four 4"x 4" high quality coasters. They are packaged for the perfect presentation in a clear gift box complete with sheer ivory organza ribbon and a Leaf design tag that reads "Fall in Love". Fall Wedding Favors on Sale Now

Other Fall Wedding Favor Ideas:
- Give a favor in keeping with the season such as a beautiful apple tied with a gold ribbon
- A bottle of maple syrup
- If you have a sweet tooth, give guests caramel apples wrapped in cellophane
- Give a DIY kit of a caramel apple recipe with all the ingredients they’ll need - a perfect apple, some caramels, and a Popsicle stick
- Help your guests decorate for the season by giving them mini pumpkins
- An ear of ornamental corn tied with some wheat and a pretty fall ribbon
- Marzipan fruit is also a wonderful fall wedding favor
- If you’re crafty, give each guest a jar of homemade preserves as they leave
Fall Wedding Favors on Sale Now

Personalized Fall Wedding Favor Drink Mixes!

Blended or shaken cause a stir with these festive cocktail mixes!
Bridal couples that want a really fun and festive wedding favor for their guests can now turn to the new Wedding Cocktail Collection? Personalized packages of cocktail drink mix make a wedding favor idea that's in step with the latest trends. The Wedding Cocktail Collection offers several flavor varieties for the discerning bride and groom to choose from.

The Margarita is the No. 1 selling cocktail in the world and evokes a sense of paradise, the laid-back lifestyle and a tropical retreat. What more could a happy couple want!

Perhaps your taste is more for the sophistication of the Cosmopolitan, the best-selling martini variety. Then try the cosmo, the smooth-sipping libation that is both a sexy and sweet treat!

Whether your bridal tastes sway to the beaches of the Caribbean or the nightclubs of New York City, we have both the cocktail mix and packaging to meet your wedding favor needs. A wide range of exciting package designs is available to suit every couple's personality and wedding theme.

Each single serving of drink mix comes sealed in a beautiful white gloss pouch (3.75"w x 5"h) that contains 11 grams of the powder drink mixture. Instructions are on the back on how to mix the pouch contents with other ingredients to form the perfect cocktail.

All designs can be personalized with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date.
Fall Wedding Favors on Sale Now

Edible Autumn Favors

Food is only a part of it. A warm, soothing beverage is proof against a chilly autumn day. Consider handing out:
* Cider packets
* Coffee packets
* Teas in aluminum tins, or with personalized labels
* Herb mixes for mead
* Loose tea leaves & attractive tea balls
*Cookies: serve these in plain paper bags, stamped in gold with your beech leaf stamp. Adorn with a lacy skeletonized leaf. Tie off with gold ribbon.
* Popcorn Balls: You can make popcorn balls in the most tantalizing flavors — and give them a more grown-up appearance than you remember from third grade. When you're done caramelizing, drizzle each "ball" in chocolate for a sweet treat to please young and old
* Cheese: Choose one or two tiny wax-covered cheeses: Edam, Gouda or a sharp cheddar by a local artiste. Or find a local bakery to supply fresh, buttery cheese straws
* Nuts: Candied nuts are extraordinary, and the easiest of cooking projects. The humble walnut, with its slight hint of bitterness, becomes sublime in a shiny carmel coating. Add extra syrup and you have homemade nut brittle. Consider pistachios, brazil nuts, cashews or macadamias for your brittle
* Marzipan: This queen-of-all-favor-foods was meant for Fall. Buy blushing marzipan cherries or pears from your local food artist, or learn to make them yourself

More Autumn Favors
Celebrate the fall season with these charming leaf soap petals. These uniquely designed leaf soap petals make great guest favors! There are a combination of burgundy, gold, orange, and green leaf petals presented in a clear gift box. Each gift box is complete with a sheer ivory organza ribbon and a Leaf design tag that reads "Fall in Love". Box measures 3" x 3"

Fall Wedding Favors on Sale Now

Scent is the defining sense of Autumn. Catch its essence with:

* evocative homemade sachets
* scented candles in organza bags

Or bring a little part of yourself to your guests' decor by handing out:

* small brooms tied with your ribbons
* Or small, hand-shaped leaf ornaments you make from a cookie cutter and salt dough or polymer clay (drape over dowels while drying for a natural, leaf-like curl).

Fall Wedding Colors - The Hues
One of the best things about fall is the color palette. Warm hues and earth tones that reflect the changing leaves are found in everything from foods to fashion. This season we're seeing brides opt for rich, bold colors, like reds, and oranges. Brown is the new black, and gold replaces silver for a touch of opulence. This season we're seeing brides opt for rich, bold colors, like reds, and oranges. Brown is the new black, and gold replaces silver for a touch of opulence.

Adorable and unique is this mini pear candle nestled on a bed of natural wood grass in a clear bon bon box. The box is decorated with a delicate satin ribbon. Each pear measures 2 “ in diameter. Let your guest know you are the perfect pair. Personalize the card attached with your names and wedding date or a special phrase.
The Perfect Candle Pear Favor

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